New Kitchens & Kitchen Renovations

Regardless of the size of your available space, your kitchen can be everything you imagine. JT Master Builders are specialists in new kitchen design and installation – giving you the perfect place to spend time with family and entertain guests.

Whether your personal style is modern, rustic, contemporary or country - our team can help you find the new kitchen that meets all of your culinary needs.

One of our skilled builders will attend your home for a free, no obligation consultation and quote – assessing your available kitchen space and offering quality advice and suggestions to make your dream kitchen a reality. We will work with you to get the sink space you’ve always wanted, optimise your cupboard area and even alter your kitchen to fit your new appliances.

The process of choosing and installing your new kitchen can be a complicated. JT Master Builders simplifies this by providing a full service including:

  • Recommending architects and interior designers
  • Sourcing quality materials from reputable suppliers
  • Coordinating possible engineering requirements
  • Utilising a team of qualified, skilled builders to install your new kitchen
  • Working with expert tradespeople, including plumbers, electricians and certifiers, to complete your kitchen installation on time and within budget



We only use materials of the highest quality, from drawer handles to bench tops. We also utilise the latest building innovations to provide you with a modern, stylish kitchen that will be the ideal place to spend time with family and friends.

What if you have the kitchen you want but would like a few more cupboards or move the pantry to a more practical area? Our lead builder Jason Tawse is a qualified carpenter, able to renovate your existing kitchen to your requirements.

Get in contact with us today to find out how we can make your new Gold Coast kitchen a success.